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As a homeowner here in California’s wine country, you’re well aware of all the advantages of living in this beautiful corner of the world. Our area offers some of the most wonderful scenery in not only the state but the entire nation. We have amazing weather all year long, and there are plenty of places to go and things to see and do when you’re ready for a day away from home.

Having said that, one of the keys to making the most of life here in Sonoma County is making sure your home meets all your requirements and expectations. Of course, like most families, your needs tend to change over time. In many cases, that means your home must evolve as well.

As the area’s foremost general contractors, we’re here to take care of all your remodeling and home addition needs. Contact us to book a consultation, and let us show you how we can completely transform your home.

Transforming Your Living Space with Home Remodels and New Additions

General contractors are essential to the home improvement process. If youre looking to transform your home with a remodeling project or addition, you need the areas leading experts on the job. Thats us! Our team of highly trained and qualified contractors can handle any type of home improvement project. We bring our experience, expertise, and commitment to quality to every project we take on.

Your Professional and Knowledgeable Sonoma County Remodeling and Home Services Expert

No two Sonoma County familiesneeds are the same, and we realize just how much our clientshome improvement plans can vary. Because of that, weve amassed a wide range of construction and remodeling experience. That means we can tailor our services to fully meet your expectations.

Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Kitchens and bathrooms have become the most important spaces in today’s homes. That’s why it’s so crucial that they’re built and designed to dovetail with your family’s unique needs. At the same time, projects like these can add ample value to your home in both the physical and financial sense. From extending the square footage of your kitchen or bathroom and updating the space to adding new fixtures and extra storage, we do it all.

Custom Designs & Estimates

Our construction and remodeling team also provides custom designs for your building and remodeling projects. We’ve forged connections with the area’s leading designers, so we can help you create a home design that’s perfectly tailored to your family. Whether you’re looking for a whole-home remodel, an extra bathroom or two, or a basement or attic transformation, you can count on us to bring your dreams to fruition. Contact us to request a consultation and estimate, and you’ll see why we’re the contractors of choice for Sonoma homeowners.

New Construction

Whether you’re a newcomer to Sonoma County or a long-time resident who’s relocating within the area, you want your new home to serve you well right from the start. Our construction specialists can make sure that happens. We take care to use the highest quality materials and apply our top-of-the-line skills and craftsmanship to every new construction project we take on. From cabins and pool houses to sprawling custom homes, we’re equipped to cover all your needs.

Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit in Sonoma County

An accessory dwelling unit is a complete housing unit thats considered to be part of the original house. It may be attached to the house or a standalone apartment, but youre still the owner of the space. If you decide to sell the house, the ADU is also part of the transaction. ADUs come in different forms, including:

Detached Structures

These are standalone housing units that aren’t connected to the house itself. They have their own foundation and utility connections, and they provide more privacy than some other types of ADUs.

Attached Internal Apartment

Attached internal apartments are complete living spaces that are part of the house itself. These could be basement or attic apartments. They don’t offer quite as much privacy as detached units or external apartments, but they’re generally simpler and less expensive to build and maintain.

Attached External Apartments

Attached external apartments are fully functional living spaces that are connected to a house but don’t actually lie within it. One example would be a separate apartment built over an attached garage.

Several regulations come into play when youre having an ADU built. All those protocols are meant to maximize privacy and functionality for your ADU as well as your main house. Additionally, certain zoning laws apply to these types of units. We know the protocols for Sonoma County, and we understand all the zoning laws and regulations. That means we can act as your full-service ADU construction and remodeling partners. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of ADUs?

Accessory dwelling units come with a number of advantages. With more adult children living with their parents and a growing number of aging parents moving in with their adult children, ADUs are fundamental to many families these days. They can allow you to keep your family together and take care of elderly family members more easily and conveniently without anyone having to give up their privacy or independence. 

Many homeowners also use ADUs to generate an additional source of income. You can rent out your ADU to short- or long-term tenants. If youre looking to downsize but dont want to leave your home, you could even move into the ADU and rent the main house to tenants. Vacation rentals are becoming more popular by the minute, so thats also an option an ADU could bring to the table. 

When it comes to the disadvantages of ADUs, regulations, zoning laws, and maintenance are the primary factors to consider. Maintenance is typically more expensive with detached units because their structural components and electrical and plumbing systems are independent of the main house. 

In terms of zoning and regulations, making sure you remain in compliance isnt necessarily a straightforward process. Of course, were experts on those points, so we can help make your ADU addition as safe and simple as possible. 

Our Signature Approach to the Construction and Remodeling Process

We take a unique approach to the construction and remodeling process. Weve spent years modifying and perfecting our process to bring you unrivaled services and create a completely positive experience for our clients from start to finish. 

We start the process with a site visit to get an idea of your vision. Once you contact us, well come to your property to determine what were working with and get a clear picture of your expectations. If necessary, well refer you to one of the expert designers in our extensive professional network to further round out the picture.

After we fully understand the project you have in mind and what itll entail, well provide a free estimate. This will include different options for proceeding with the project. Well also give you some of our own ideas based on our experience and knowledge in the construction field. 

After you approve the estimate and weve ironed out all the details, well create a schedule for your project. From there, well work with you to decide which materials, fixtures, and other items youd like to add to the finished product. 

Work with Us to Fulfill Your Home Remodeling and Home Addition Goals

Quality and client satisfaction are our top priorities, and were dedicated to helping homeowners make the most of their lives here in Sonoma County. We strive to give our contractors all the tools they need to bring you the highest levels of quality and service. 

Contact us and tell us about your home improvement plans. Well discuss them with you and show you how we can make your goals take shape before your eyes. Youll find out for yourself what sets us apart in the construction and home remodeling field.

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